Specialized in statistics and R programming

The analysis of data, or numbers, is my great passion. By analysing data, sometimes combined with models, we can try and observe patterns and maybe understand them or even make predictions on their development. However, data as such is worthless without the proper know-how, or theory, on how the system works. Without this know-how it is impossible to say something useful about real causal relationships that go beyond statistical significance. Data analysis and the proper know-how are at the heart of my work, whether it be in academia, consulting or training.

-- Paul Hiemstra


Writing efficient, professional quality software is one of my interests. I am fluent in R and Python, but also have experience in Fortran and IDL.

Data analysis

Extracting knowledge from data through processing and visualisation is very satisfying. Finding information and using it to my advantage makes data analysis very interesting.


My main research interests are in the fields of (spatial) statistics, data assimilation and atmopsheric modeling. In addition I have experience in hydrology, remote sensing and environmental modeling.