For most of the papers I have a PDF available for download, plus a DOI link. See the PDF and DOI links behind the papers. The PDFs of the journal articles I host on this website are generated by myself and posted with approval of the publisher (Elsevier). If an open-access version of the article is available, I provide a link to that PDF. A list of my publications can also be found on my Google Scholar Citations profile, including how often the papers are cited.

Peer reviewed publications

  • Hiemstra, P.H., Fujiwara, N., Selten, F.M., Kurths, J., (2012) Complete synchronization of chaotic atmospheric models by connecting only a subset of state space, Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, 19, pp. 611-621. (PDF DOI)
  • Hiemstra, P.H., Karssenberg, D., van Dijk, A., de Jong, S.M., (2012) Using the particle filter for nuclear decision support, Environmental Modeling & Software 37, pp. 78-89. (DOI)
  • Hiemstra, P.H., Karssenberg, D., van Dijk, A., (2011). Assimilation of observations of radiation level into an atmospheric transport model: a case study with the particle filter and the ETEX tracer dataset. Atmospheric Environment 45 (34), pp. 6149–6157. (PDF DOI)
  • Melles, S.J., Heuvelink, G.B.M. , Twenhöfel, C.J.W., van Dijk, A., Hiemstra, P.H., Baume O., and U. Stöhlker (2011). Optimizing the spatial pattern of networks for monitoring radioactive releases. Computers & Geosciences 37 (3), pp. 280-288. (DOI)
  • Hiemstra, P.H., Pebesma, E.J., Twenhöfel, C.J.W and G.B.M. Heuvelink (2010). Using rainfall radar data to improve interpolated maps of dose rate in the Netherlands. Science of the Total Environment 409 (1), pp. 123-133. (PDF DOI)
  • Hiemstra, P.H., Pebesma, E.J., Twenhöfel, C.J.W and G.B.M. Heuvelink (2009). Real-time automatic interpolation of ambient gamma dose rates from the Dutch Radioactivity Monitoring Network. Computers & Geosciences, vol 35, pp. 1711-1721. (PDF DOI)
  • Hiemstra, P.H., Pebesma, E.J., Twenhöfel, C.J.W and G.B.M. Heuvelink (2008). Automatic real-time interpolation of radiation hazards: a prototype and system architecture considerations. International Journal of Spatial Data Infrastructures Research, vol 3,  p 58-72 ( (WEB)
  • Conference publications

  • Wijnant, I.L., Stepek, A., Groen, G., Sluiter, R., Hiemstra, P.H., Interpolating wind speed from the sparse Dutch network to a high resolution grid using local roughness from land use maps. International Conference on Wind Engineering, 10-15 July 2011.
  • Hiemstra, P.H. and D. Karssenberg, Modeling nuclear accidents using an atmospheric transport model and the particle filter, GIScience conference, 14-17 Sept. 2010. (PDF)
  • Jesus, J. de, Dubois, G. and P. Hiemstra, (2008) Web-based geostatistics using WPS. GI-Days conference, 17-18 June 2008. (PDF)
  • Hiemstra, P.H., Pebesma, E.J., Twenhöfel, C.J.W and G.B.M. Heuvelink (2007). Toward an automatic real-time mapping system for radiation hazards. GI-Days conference, 10-12 sept 2007. (PDF)
  • Miscellaneous publications

  • Paul Hiemstra (2013), Quantifying the performance of a change detection algorithm, ST-ESA-PIMSIS2-TN-003, Tech. report for S&T Corp.
  • Steven M. de Jong, Paul Hiemstra, Derek Karssenberg and Chris Twenhöfel, (2013), Veilig leven met stralingsrisico’s, Geografie, mei 2013. (PDF)
  • Hiemstra, P.H., (2011) Ensemble modeling and statistical mapping of airborne radioactivity, PhD thesis, Utrecht Studies in Earth Sciences 001, ISBN  978-90-6266-278-4. (PDF)
  • Hiemstra, P.H. and R. Sluiter (2011). Interpolation of Makkink evaporation in the Netherlands. Tech. rep. KNMI (PDF)
  • Hiemstra, P. and R. de Jong (2005). Estimating leaf water content in Mediterranean oak forests for forest fire models: a comparison between empirical and radiative transfer model inversion using hyperspectral imagery. MSc thesis. (PDF)